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The Role of pH and Salt Concentration (Macromolecules)


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A GPU-Implementation of Coulomb Interaction in Molecular Dynamics

Long-Range Alignment of Nanoscale Filaments

Microscopic approach to the kinetics of pattern formation of charged molecules on surfaces

Effects of Ionic Size Asymmetry around a Charged Nanoparticle: Unequal Charge Neutralization and Electrostatic Screening

Self-organization of grafted polyelectrolyte layers via the coupling of chemical equilibrium and physical interactions

Cluster Formation of Charged Nanoparticles on a Surface in Aqueous Solution


Compartmentalization and Delivery via Asymmetric Copolymer Monolayers with Swollen or Inverse Swollen Micelles

Swelling and Collapse of Polyelectrolyte Gels in Equilibrium with Monovalent and Divalent Electrolyte Solutions

Electrostatics and/or Elastic Optimal Arrangement of Triangular Lattices Confined to Cylindrical Fibers

Nanoparticle in Aqueous Media: Crystallization and Solvation Charge Asymmetry

Buckled Membranes in Mixed-Valence Ionic Amphiphile Vesicles

The electrostatic origin of chiral patterns on nanofibers

Asymmetric charge renormalization for nanoparticles in aqueous media

Thermodynamics of Ternary Electrolytes: Enhanced Adsorption of Macroions as Minority Component at Liquid Interfaces


Why do peptide amphiphiles form fibers?

Nano-pattern Formation of Weakly Charged Membrane with Hydrophobic Backbones


Mystery on Charge Asymmetry: Anionic Macroions in Periodic Lattices Held by Hydrated Cations And Not Vice-Versa

Ionic Rafts May Promote Interactions in Complex Biological Systems

Spontaneous chirality via long-range electrostatic forces

Faceting ionic shells into icosahedra via electrostatics


Electrostatic attraction between cationic-anionic assemblies with surface compositional heterogeneities

Polynucleotide Adsorption to Negatively Charged Surfaces


Peptide Amphiphiles (PA) nanofibers are formed from acidic PAs and basic PAs at neutral pH


Topology of Relaxed Encapsulated Droplets after Elongation

Gradient Copolymers Melts