Accessing TARDIS from a Linux machine.

[For impatient users] Quick instructions:

ssh -X

Detailed instructions:

Connecting to a Linux machine from a Linux system is pretty simple. You can just use your Linux terminal to connect to Tardis, submit jobs, edit files, do contributions to Tardis, etc. Or you can use Konqueror for files copying and editing. For detailed handling of Konqueror please refer to the user documentations of the software.

  1. Download and install Konqueror, if you do not have it installed on your Linux machine. Note that Konqueror is an integral part of KDE and it will most probably be available on your host. In an unlikely case that it is not present on your box, please check the Konqueror documentation on how to install it.

  2. Connecting to Tardis using your terminal
    1. Open your terminal. Type ssh, then press ENTER. Of course please make sure you have asked the Tardis administrator to open an account for you before you try to log in. When you create your account be sure to remember your username and password for Tardis.

    2. Type your password for Tardis, then you are in.

    3. Press Ctrl+D, you will be able to log out the session.

  3. Connecting to Tardis using Konqueror

    1. Open Konqueror. Type fish:// in the address bar, and press ENTER. Then input your password and you are all set!

    2. After you logged in successfully, you would see something similar to this.

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